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Not working anymore!

Since the last update, the app is still freezing and bugging. Its not possible do use it anymore! And regarding the user interface, the original one was perfect, where the (bugging) actual one is not. Please, we need an update!

October 6th: how poor has become this app...

Many crash downs, slowness, various minor bugs. Until now Ive not yet found how to add pages to an existing doc. It seems impossible, a new doc is created but impossible to add pages in an existing one. The options and parameters which were available in the V5 were allowing more possibilities to adjust and correct the picture. Now they are very limited. When trying to delete existing files, oftentimes it crashes. How come the developers of this app could make it evolve to such a miserable version 6? How the hell they dont put back the V5?? as every body is shouting for this. This is a non sense. Are they forbidden by Apple for some reasons, or what?? Is it pride? Why maintaining this V6 while "the whole word" is ranking it as 1 star only (and if zero was possible we would have done it)


I write in english because I dont know I you understand French. This app was the best, now it doesnt work any more.. Crashes, too slow, complicated.. What a shame!! Please, go back to last mods. Thank you

Used to be the best app

Once again ! It was So simple So quick on thé 1st version and Now its just useless complicated disfunctional... So sad !!!!

Not work.

Dont buy this app. The OCR doesnt work in portuguese. Não comprem este app. O OCR não funciona em português. Please refund my money.

Doesnt work anymore

Stoped working after the last update!

It used to be the best app for that.

Please fix it!

Worst than ever....

I am sorry but this app version has became the worst one. Does not deserve any star. Crash all time, in iPhone5 or iPad. It is impossible to add pages without having a failure. It is not fair with customers who bought it. I bought a very good version then it got a new version of it that does not work and it is taking ages to fix it. Very very disappointed.

Crashes frequently

Crashes. It isnt usefull.


crashes all time!!! used to function well at first version.... they destroyed the app....

The APP doesnt work

The DocScanner APP isnt showing the files since the last updated. I sent an email for DocScanner, but yet I dont have any response.


It used to be a good app but after the last update I lost access to all my docs that were either in Google Drive or ICloud. Turns out it isnt reliable at all.

Afrer Last big update: Unusable!

I have no words: this was a very good five stars app. I have been using it for years. But now they turned the app into absolute unusable rubbish!

Please fix!

Crashes on opening!


If this is supposed to change a photo of text into complete unreadable gibberish... congrats. I however fail to spot any usefulness... unless there is a secret decoder section of the app and youre meant to send them as secret coded messages to a special agent...

Doc scanner doing very poor OCR

I bought this app for the neat ability to photograph a document and then turn it into text with the OCR function. The times I tried it, it did a very POOR job of recognition or just came out with pages of totally unrecognizable symbols, and the text was only a small paragraph of nice clear letters without even numbers. Needs to get a lot better to be of any use!

Completely broken. Dont update.

This used to be mildly useful application. At least it could automatically detect edges of the document scanned, it would automatically crop it and straighten the image. With version 5 you might as well just use built in Camera app. No matter what kind of scan source you select, and take the image, when you hit "Use" button the application is stuck forever...


I love the recent updates! New interface looks great! I use this very useful app a lot.

No option for color scan

Very powerful app with one crippling problem: it seems impossible to scan a document without turning it into a black and white document that looks like a grainy old photocopy. It would be great if a color scan option existed that would keep all/most of the colours of the picture. The detection of document boundaries are fairly good as is the geometric transformations necessary to a plane but the quality of the final scanned document is just plain bad. Dont bother.

Full edge

Amazing stuff!n! Plz add full edge button. I dont want to optimize full size by hand all the time.

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