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DocScanner 8 app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6192 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Haave Oy
4.99 USD
Current version: 8.31, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Apr 2009
App size: 56.28 Mb

** Over 1.500.000 Times Downloaded! **
** The Original Scanner App **
** Featured On App Store TV Spots! **

“With DocScanner, you can turn any document into a PDF by simply snapping a photo. The ability to scan anywhere, any time may fundamentally change your relationship to scraps of paper. Of the major scanning apps, DocScanner’s image quality is a cut above the rest.”


++ Digitize Your Paper Documents Because You Will Be Super Productive When They Are Always Available.

Scan your paper documents into digital reality with a single tap! Just point your camera to a document and scan. DocScanner is the simplest tool available to digitize your paper documents.

++ Get It Right With The First Shot!

The new, magical viewfinder of DocScanner gives you instant, real time feedback on scan quality. This ensures that you’ll always get a successful scan with the first shot.

++ Super Slick Operation.

DocScanner has an ultra smooth, full screen user interface with exceptional usability. The super slick operation of DocScanner makes you want to use it for all your scanning needs.

++ Well integrated with Apple.

Make the best use of your Apple products. DocScanner is compatible with all iOS based devices and supports iCloud. Have your DocScanner documents available on all your Apple devices.

++ Crystal Clear Results To Evernote With One Tap.

DocScanner is the best way to archive paper documents into Evernote. DocScanner automatically recognizes and categorizes the scanned document by type - a paper sheet, receipt, business card, whiteboard etc. Evernote is the best way to find your documents whenever you need them.

++ DocScanner comes fully packed with genuinely useful features.

Save your scanned documents automatically under organized categories - and find them as easily. Type in an email address to send a scanned document. Print your documents via Wi-Fi with any AirPrint compatible printer. Use HP network attached flatbed scanners as an external document source. The driver for HP scanners is available as an In-App Purchase.

++ Scan Everything With DocScanner!

Scan any document, business card, receipt, magazine, book, or a whiteboard with DocScanner.



* All-new, magical viewfinder that gives real time feedback on scan quality - Get a successful scan on first shot.
* Fully automated point & scan operation - No manual post-processing needed.
* Ultra smooth user interface - Let the super slick operation of DocScanner 6 surprise you every time you use it.
* Amazing crystal clear scan quality - Enjoy a flatbed equal scan quality on your iPhone/iPad.
* Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Search your scanned documents using keywords.
* iCloud support - Have your scanned documents available on all your Apple devices.
* Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV support - Be more efficient, have your scanned documents stored in the cloud the moment you scan them.
* Support for gestures - Zoom and rotate the documents by using smooth two finger gestures.
* AirPrint support - Print your DocScanner documents instantly with any AirPrint compatible printer via Wi-Fi.
* External scanner support - Import scanned documents from Hewlett-Packard (HP) network attached flatbed scanners into DocScanner. Driver available as an In-App Purchase.


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Pros and cons of DocScanner 8 app for iPhone and iPad

DocScanner 8 app good for

I love the recent updates! New interface looks great! I use this very useful app a lot.
Amazing stuff!n! Plz add full edge button. I dont want to optimize full size by hand all the time.
So I think this app is absolutely great. Sure there are a few hiccups, especially when the iPhone OS gets updated, but the app developers are quick to put out an update. As a student, this app allows me to remain paperless & keep all those handouts I get in every class in digital form. Not only that, I can post those handouts directly to my iDisk right from the app or email it or even save it on my phone. Its definitely a must for any student trying to keep all those pesky school handouts organized for exam studying later in the term! Get it, you wont be disappointed! - The only thing lacking is that there is no iPad version of this app...please make this a universal app!
I have tried many this sort of app. This one is the best scanner than any other! It provide the best quality for your paper!
As long as a person can use their camera with any skill to take a good picture, this is a sure fire way of keeping a copy of whiteboards and documents. I have already found dozens of chances to use it, and not only does it work well, but this is one that stays on my main home screen out of my two thousand apps collected so far. Still amazes people when I take a picture of a whiteboard from a weird angel and manage to email a perfect cropped, stretched and readable shot to everyone. OCR isnt perfect, but can cut down the work of retyping the whole document. The best no money I have ever not spent! Thanks for making DocScanner free a while ago :)
The UI could use a refresh but I like how the paper portion of my scans always look paper-white, and the text always looks sharp and black. Granted, the general workflow and the OCR and Dropbox implementation could be [really] better, but at the end of the day what matters most is the scan quality. You can manually adjust the corners by rescanning a document, and if OCR is really important for you, do like I do: scan to "Open In...", send it to the Dropbox app (thus circumventing DocScanners poor Dropbox implementation), upload it to a folder on your Dropbox and run the OCR in Acrobat on your Mac/PC. This has worked wonders for me. One more annoying thing: auto capitalization of document titles... In many languages, French being one of them, we dont capitalize every word in a title. It would be nice if there could be a setting to turn that off.

Some bad moments

Since the last update, the app is still freezing and bugging. Its not possible do use it anymore! And regarding the user interface, the original one was perfect, where the (bugging) actual one is not. Please, we need an update!
Many crash downs, slowness, various minor bugs. Until now Ive not yet found how to add pages to an existing doc. It seems impossible, a new doc is created but impossible to add pages in an existing one. The options and parameters which were available in the V5 were allowing more possibilities to adjust and correct the picture. Now they are very limited. When trying to delete existing files, oftentimes it crashes. How come the developers of this app could make it evolve to such a miserable version 6? How the hell they dont put back the V5?? as every body is shouting for this. This is a non sense. Are they forbidden by Apple for some reasons, or what?? Is it pride? Why maintaining this V6 while "the whole word" is ranking it as 1 star only (and if zero was possible we would have done it)
I write in english because I dont know I you understand French. This app was the best, now it doesnt work any more.. Crashes, too slow, complicated.. What a shame!! Please, go back to last mods. Thank you
Once again ! It was So simple So quick on thé 1st version and Now its just useless complicated disfunctional... So sad !!!!
Dont buy this app. The OCR doesnt work in portuguese. Não comprem este app. O OCR não funciona em português. Please refund my money.
I am sorry but this app version has became the worst one. Does not deserve any star. Crash all time, in iPhone5 or iPad. It is impossible to add pages without having a failure. It is not fair with customers who bought it. I bought a very good version then it got a new version of it that does not work and it is taking ages to fix it. Very very disappointed.

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