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Kisinin isine gore kullanip kullanmayacagina gore alinabilecek bir program.Ben isimin icabi cok kullaniyorum.Programin basarililigi bana gore ici dolu bes yildiz.Yani tavsiye ederim.


Parasını hakediyor. OCR çevirisi Turkce için Cok iyi değil ama yine de Guzel program..

ocr hikaye

arkadaslar ocr turkce desteklemiyor. 1 dolarlik scan prog.dan farki yok. gidin onlardan birini alin. tabi onlardan daha iyi scanliyor ayri dava.


Son güncelleme sonrası belgelerim açılmıyor ve uygulama kendiliğinden kapanıyor bu sorunun çözümünü bilen varmı


Gerçekten işe yarıyor.


İşe yarıyan bi program. Tavsiye ederim

Çok iyi

Kirtasiyeden fotokopi almaktan daha kolay :)

Çok yavaş

Çok yavaş. 10 belgeyi taramam yarım saatimi aldı. Bir de sürekli kapanıyor...


almayın turkçe ocrda saçmalıyor

Gayet başarılı

Taramak istediğim belgenin boyutlarını otomatik olarak algılıyor. Örneğin a4 ü otomatik algılayıp taranan resmi pdf ye 1 sayfaya tekabül edecek şekilde yerleştiriyor. 2 veya dafa fazla sayfadan oluşan belgeleri tek pdf de toplayabiliyor. Dropboxa otomatik gönderiyor. Bence gayet başarılı bir program. Tek eksiği taranan belgelerin kıyısını kırpabilseydik iyi olurdu bence daha temiz tarama olması için. Birde sağa sola sayfayı açı verecek şekilde döndürebilseydi fena olmazdı

Simdi oldu 10 numara Turkce OCR

İphone 5 ios 6 test edildi Gercekten kullandıgım suan en basarılı OCR ...


Berbat vediginiz paraya degmez

Alanının en iyisi

Alanında şu anlık daha iyisi yok

Son güncelleme ile açılmıyor

Çok başarılı bir uygulama ancak son güncelleme ile artık açılmıyor. Açılma sorununun acil çözülmesini istiyoruz.


Program başarılı idi ancak son güncellemeden sonra açılmıyor. Acilen bir çözüm üretilmesi gerekiyor..

Not working??

Solid use of this app for years. Except now~ Attempts to access document history only result in app freezing and no viewable history of documents. What’s happening???

Was working before but not anymore!!!

The app became useless. The files disappear. You capture and you don't get any file. The app needs big bug repair and fix and update. Good luck in preventing the 1 star.


I ve bought this application and my is iPhone 6 with iOS 11 , the application get out when i want to save to camera roll !!!!!


Now unable to review prior scanned documents. Getting a Dropbox Error stating "Update Notes. dkm Dropbox syncing has been changed. You can use the new send yo Dropbox from our share button". The screen freezes on this message and unable to do anything.

Zero Stars

App will not load any documents. Worked fine before last update. Was this a pay app?

I need my document

Bad update ever I can't access to my document I'm really angry

I got my documents back. Still no iCloud

Well.. at least I got my documents back in the app. But they still don't show up in iCloud. Where are they been uploaded to? Support is no help. They will ignore you completely.

Where are my docs from the cloud??

Seriously?! I had very important docs in the cloud that I can never recover...where the heck did they go?!?! Please fix this!! I paid $5 for this app and never had a problem until now

Doesn't work well

Don't use this to save anything important because it will be unable to pull anything back from iCloud or Evernote. Effectively deleting anything you save.

WebDAV is broken

This is a fantastic app till now. If you use WebDAV, you will still see it try to use thestorage place but it will not save. Please bring back WebDAV.

Needs update

I have really been enjoying this app. Needs update to IOS 10.

Don't buy

Scanner works o.k. But the program crashed and I lost 2 years of data despite the fact that it was supposed to be backed up in the cloud. Multiple inquiries to the company went unanswered. Don't buy if you need reliability in keeping the images you've scanned.

Constantly crashes

Your product was not properly tested and crashes persistently. Can't believe I paid for this!


Most recent update of March 2015 is quite buggy and crash prone.

Please fix the app.

App worked find until the last update. the app now croshes on startup.

keep crashing at open after the update! please fix it!!

keep crashing at open after the update! please fix it!!

App Crashes

App crashes at start up. Can not open the app since the update.

Fix the bug!!!

App keeps crashing, I can't open it!!!

Fix update!

Can't open app anymore!!!

Shuts down

Always shuts down requiring a re-open

Very Disappointing!!!

If you're planning on scanning receipts or anything of importance DONT buy or use this app. Many of my scanned receipts and documents have been deleted, I've received no response from their support team in regards to my deleted receipts and documents.

Good App but Frequently Crashes

Turn iPad/iPhone into doc scanner & save/email pdf. Rename, organize, stack, etc. Really great if it didn't crash so much.

horrible upgrade...

Old version of DocScanner was great -- used it to scan all of my receipts for my consulting business, name and date them and then quickly export to Evernote as a PDF for easy management, storage and retrieval for tax write-off information. NO MORE! The auto-focus is HORRIBLE! I've scanned documents 3 times and they disappear. Cropping feature takes forever. This app really stinks now. And I am an IT consultant…I've tried to re-teach myself but am now going on to find a new scanner app.


There is no excuse for this stupidity. I usually do not upgrade stuff I like. I slipped this time and now I have the worst possible scanner with years of scans on it. Will transfer all to cloud and delete this app.

Ruined This app -- Run Away

This app used to be great; I got clean, reliable "scans" with their processing engine. The new version trashed all of my content and image quality is terrible; auto-uploads fail; the user interface is horrible and it crashes. DO NOT UPGRADE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT!!!


The initial version was an excellent app that I used several times a week. The newest version is complete garbage. It is tedious to use, the documents are of poor quality, there are several intermediate steps now required, and pull up menus are completely illegible. It is foolish to put a bad app on the market. But going from an excellent app to this version is incomprehensible.


Worst update ever! They took an app that worked great and ruined it. I want my money back. The auto focus function stinks. Keeps scanning the same page over and over. The people who wrote this update obviously have no idea how to code. There is no way to manually add pages with the auto focus off. WORST UPDATE on App Store wish I could give zero stars.

Lost all documents

Somewhere in the process of iOS 8 and iCloud Drive, all of my documents went missing. I had dozens of things stored. Now they're all gone.

Wow what a terrible app

I have this app for years and recently with the update it became impossible to use. The auto feature will scan same document again and again whether it is focus or unrecognizable. To add pages in manual mode is nonexistent. I WANT my money back.

The Square became Rectangle

I was scanning earlier a square document, and yes the edges were correctly recognized. But when I viewed the attachment after I emailed it, it was now a rectangle! Again, I will reiterate for the nth time, we know the developers are doing their best to improve the app. But our voices are one: We Want DocScanner version 5 back. UPDATE: What is with the Badge App Icon? Do we really need it? My homescreen I have 2 "Whatever" that is in the app. Maybe it has two documents remaining to process, but it already has processed everything! You cannot even disable that Badge App Icon. It's not in the Notifications, not in the settings. Where is it? Please please please developers of this app. Give us version 5 back. The app is really really really slow! You're really going to give me a heart attack because of this app. If I'm gonna die of heart attack it's gonna be on you! This has been a very useful utility until the update to version 6, wherein it's virtually unusable on my iPhone 4!

Step back! Again!

When you you scan it will show the table where you scan it. When you try to send as PDF and open once you send it, it shows you a picture of what you scanned and not the scanned document like it use to. Fix it quick! The loading of the app takes forever. It will send you a picture in pdf format. This is not why I paid. It will also take multiple pictures of one document.


This is an app I have come to depend on. I use it often to scan my receipts. It has now it has become unusable. The concept of getting someone to buy your app, rely on your app, and then make it unusable seems to be a trend in the app space. Fix fast. There are plenty of scanning apps in the store, and I am ready to move on to something stable.

They broke it

This used to be a great app, but the newest version is awful. I've never been so disappointed with an update. The automatic scan keeps duplicating pages and when I try the manual setting, I am unable to get automatic cropping. I've used this app for years and I'm really disappointed that I will now have to find a new scanning app.

Please help

Worked awesome until IOS 8 update. Now it won't scan documents.

Crashes every other pic or so

This app used to work so well, why does it crash when I just do what it's designed for?


Crash crash crash 👊

Amazed when devs ruin their apps like this

This is one of those situations when the once loyal users of a once great app are awestruck at the developer's poor choices at seemingly every decision point when redesigning their app. It's mind boggling when they seem to get _everything_ wrong. Were they making decisions in a vacuum, did not solicit user input, or what? I was a version 5 user, rated it 5-stars at the time, and mainly used the app to convert receipts to PDF, email them for expense reports, and archive on Google Drive or DropBox, but also whenever I needed to quickly generate an OCR PDF. So sad I've lost a favorite app. I've switched to "Genius Scan+" which doesn't support OCR, but it's fast and directly exports to email, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Miss the OCR, but I can do without... Google Drive can generate the OCR. Simply read the other "I hate version 6" reviews, and you'll get the idea. This is not people resisting change. This is people complaining about a bad app redesign, simple as that. I've read them, and generally agree, so I won't go in depth repeating them, but based on the 30 minutes I've spent trying to navigate version 6, the major complaints I have are: - Slow startup - Starts in camera/scanner mode, which is probably why startup is so slow. Half the time, it auto-detects and auto-scans a picture before I can cancel out to the menu. I usually just want to view or re-export previously scanned documents, and would prefer it launch (quickly) to the doc view. Would prefer it give me the choice to start the camera if I want. - Cannot re-export to DropBox or Google Drive directly from DocScanner after the doc is created, only when initially scanning/creating it. To re-export, you must either email or open it in DropBox iOS app, and then save it using the DropBox app. Why??? How did this app become so non-intuitive and user-unfriendly??? I used to believe in DocScanner so much that I'll check in occasionally for a version 7 that fixes this madness. It _WAS_ that good, so good that I won't uninstall and abandon it yet. One day soon, I hope to delete and rewrite this completely negative review with another positive 5-star review, but as for now, I am very, very disappointed. 😠 The developer has re-released version 5 as "DocScanner Classic" for US$9.99. Uh, wut? Pay twice to get the good app again? Clever way to capitalize on a blunder. No, thanks. I'll stick with Genius Scan+.

Does the Job

This is my "go to" app. but it lacks the ability to select multiple scans to export.

Does everything I need!

I've been using this app for years. I've had the occasional problem, but nothing too serious. I'd like to see more editing/personalization options, most specifically when adding from camera roll.

Wish I could get Vcoiceover, Dropbox, and Evernote to work

i am a voiceover user and was disappointed to see that the camera interface would not read very well with Voiceover. I did eventually get it work but it was quirky. Needs help. I also setup Evernote and Dropbox auto upload and successfully authorized each of these services. I then scanned a multipage doc and it did not auto upload. OK, I tried manually uploading, nothing. That is the one feature I really wanted to work and it isn’t. I could email the doc to myself, but hoped for better. Maybe next version.

Crashes constantly

I haven't been able to scan a doc yet and have it not crash. Cannot recommend this app.

Ok, but...

App has crashed on me too many times for it to be a fluke. When it works, it works well. But crashing and loosing scans is not okay. Update please?! Thank you.

Worked decent...stopped working after iOS 7 upgrade

Solid app for the most part; at least it was. Crashes on iOS7 and can't get it to work yet.

Slow and Unresponsive - Basically Useless on 3GS

On my iPhone 3GS (old yes I know but running 6.13 and still works great otherwise) this is slow and unresponsive. It sits there stalled, will not respond to any taps of any icons. Basically useless.

Very laggy

The app started awesome i don't know what happens as later updates deleted my local documents, and made it so laggy please update the app so it becomes smoother. By background processing some things :(

OCR doesn't work

I downloaded this app for its OCR feature. But when I installed the English in OCR and tried to convert PDF to a plain text, the app just went off

Good scanner

I like this scanner it is very easy to scan multiple page documents, but it can get slow (using iPad 3). But over all I am pleased with it more than their DocScanner PRO app. The organization is clearer and simpler, not 100% sure of what the differences are but I have both and I like this one better.

Very valuable app

Gets the job done very well. I use this app daily for work, and personal documents. The customizable upload to Evernote and Dropbox saves loads of time when on a time sensitive job. Scan, upload, share the doc to a coworker or client in a matter of seconds. Very effective!

Great App

But too crashy!

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